Johanson Dielectrics

Surface Mount Ceramic Capacitors

NP0 - X7R - X5R - Z5U - Y5V - Y5U

Size 0201 – 3640, Voltage 10V – 5kV

Prototyping Kits

250 VDC Tip & Ring Telecom MLCC’s

Low Inductance Chip Caps

Tanceram® High Capacitance Caps

X2Y® EMI Filter Capacitors

Safety Certified Caps X2/Y3, Y3, X1/Y2, Y2

Johanson Technology

High Frequency Ceramic Solutions

Capacitors – Inductors for RF (0201 – 1210)

Prototyping Kits

Single Layer Mircowave Caps

LASERtrim® RF Tuning Chip Caps (0603 –1210)

B-P- & L-P Filters

Baluns & Couplers

Custom LTCC Chip Component Technology


Circular Filter Capacitors

D-Subminiature Connector Filters

Planar Capacitor Arrays

Application Specific Filter Capacitors

Switch Mode & Mini-Switch Mode Capacitors

High Temperature Stacked Capacitors

High Temperature Radial Leaded Capacitors

Commercial Switch Mode Radial Leaded Caps


Quality Switches

tact - pushbutton - keylock- slide - toggle -

rocker - power - dip - detector - snap action - rotary

SMT, Miniature and Sub-Miniature Style

Intectiv Slovenija

Single-, Double- and Multilayer- PCB

Max. 16 Layers, In special cases up to 42 Layers,

in FR-4, High TG FR-4, Aluminium Base, Rogers, etc.


Obsolete – Allocation parts

Any shortage, supply problems ?

- we help to solve them !


Obsolete – Allocation parts

Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays,

Rubber Keypads, Touch Screens,

Laser Cuts & Finishing,

Integretad Solutions

Quality Switches                                                            

Pushbutton, Pushbutton Illuminated,

Tact Switches, Tact Switches Illuminated

Dip-Switches, Toggle, Rocker